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We guide companies in the evaluation and realization of their business strategies; working with you to build strategic plans for technical and business model innovations driving growth of your core business. We advise CTOs, CIOs, and financial sponsors in realizing the full potential of cloud computing to transform. Working with our clients, we define complete solutions, delivering implementations in on-prem, cloud and hybrid environments.

MadDogPS What we do
No Leading the Blind Here

Led by a team of highly successful and experienced individuals, we leverage a broad set of services offerings and technology solutions to solve the most complex business and technology challenges and opportunities:

Product and Platform Engineering:

Product and Platform Engineering: Strategy
Product Development


Having strong user-centered innovation capabilities is no longer optional. We build great design operations and cultures of innovation, integrating design thinking and human-centered design into your business. Our services cover the breadth of your needs; visual design, user interaction, prototyping, and technical assessment. We get your product to Lean launch while avoiding product rebuild as you scale.



The days of changing the game with a simple mobile app are long gone. Value is created in the connections your application provides your consumers. Developing those integrations, and managing that complexity, is our Delivery hallmark. How do you know your product won’t fail on launch? We bring a breadth of quality tools to ensure success. And with years in the enterprise, we provide process governance that will let you sleep at night.



Which features represent the most bang for the buck as you face Minimum Viable Product? Covering the product lifecycle from product concepting to launch, we provide services to support competitive market analysis and product validation, go to market and business model development, including monetization strategies.

CTO Services

CTO Services Strategy

We guide clients in aligning enterprise business initiatives to the digital and technical strategies, recommending best choices for transformation of the IT environment: Identifying problems and constraints, current state capabilities and opportunities, and architectural strengths and weaknesses, Bringing appropriate disruptive technologies into the mix, Determining their value to your organization.


What use is a strategy without the plan to execute it? We make concepts into reality, building out the details for transforming your enterprise in your Portfolio Roadmap. Transformation goals and targets get aligned with business initiatives. Solution lifecycle accounted for including exit plans for superseded tech.  Are you ready to begin implementation? Confirmation provided.

CTO Services Planning: Governance

Governance didn’t go away with the advent of Agile and DevOps. While enabling rapid transformation, these new approaches increased the need for coherent decisions across the enterprise. Has your project been stuck at 80% done for longer than you want to remember? Has a key technology reached end of contract? How many Single Point Of Truth services are giving different versions of the same data? We can help find the right level of program and risk management, enterprise architecture and vendor management.


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Chairman and CEO Compuware

MadDog provides both capital and operating expertise to help businesses grow and meet their full potential. The operating expertise goes well beyond the "executive leadership" support offered by many venture capital funds to include direct support for finance, marketing, sales, administration, and technology enablement.
Started by founder and former Chairman and CEO of tech giant Compuware Corporation and a diverse group of highly experienced and successful business professionals, MadDog Ventures invest in companies that develop and market cloud-based business applications that disrupt existing industry models and help monetize underutilized information.


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