Consider this; 

We are responsible for the success of not just a single startup, but many. We combine the best of startup culture with the breadth and depth you only find in a mature consulting organization. When you consider your next role, what do you want to be doing to make the world around you a little better?

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Because you love IT...

Can you remember a time when you loved the day to day of your job? When you worked into the night just because you wanted to? A time when you were doing something meaningful, doing work that mattered?


Are you a technology trail guide? Setting the direction for your team, mentoring, helping them avoid problems? Are you the team member all the hard problems find their way to? Looking for the next challenge, something more than a paycheck?

Going beyond your safety zone

If you are looking to get back to that time, we are looking for you. We believe that no one is more valuable than when they are fully engaged in meaningful work. If that sounds like the way things should be, that's because it IS the way they should be. If that sounds like what you have been searching for, we should talk.

MadDog Professional Services Hiring
MadDog Professional Services Hiring

Why should you call?


Because we offer the opportunity to work with a team of expert technologists intensely focused on success. Because we are seeking the top talent on the planet, outcome-driven people who have a real passion for technology.