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MadDog Professional Services

No Really, We Are Everywhere

We have been collecting talent and we are pretty excited to tell you about it.

By "tell" we mean "show how our talent can solve your complex business problems".


The Pack Leader

MadDogPS (a MadDog Technology company) is a technology-based professional services company with a long history of providing our clients and partners with critical expertise while providing our employees with challenging and long-term career opportunities. We help our clients develop critical capabilities and drive business outcomes with top talent that positions them for ongoing success.

We believe that the successful application of technology to solve complex real-world problems in new ways is the key that unlocks unprecedented value while also benefiting the world as a whole. We look to partner with companies and founders across all sectors and startup stages who share this belief and who are passionate about solving industry problems in compelling ways.

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MadDog Technology


“Our focus is on helping companies and organizations create digital enterprises which monetize their core assets and intellectual property which in turn, creates new value and revenue streams"

- Peter KarmanosFounder
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